Chisel Ferrules

The Chisel Ferrules are here.  It looks like the prototype ferrules made for the James Swan Chisel were not Aluminum Bronze (not sure what the material was).  The new chisel ferrules are made of 100% Aluminum Bronze and 316 Stainless.  I have run 25 of the Aluminum Bronze and 25 of the stainless. The internal diameter of the ferrule is 1/2″ and the over all length is 3/4″.   I have gotten my price point down to $8.00 each + shipping (what ever USPS method you choose).

Aluminum Bronze $8.00
Stainless Steel $8.00

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2 Responses to Chisel Ferrules

  1. Curt stroud says:

    I found your web site while looking for ferrules for some old chisels I bought. I noticed the site is kinda old and was wondering if you still have the ferrules for sale.

  2. tinkerordie says:


    I do have about twenty of the Bronze and Stainless ferrules still available. You can contact me a

    Thank you,

    Thomas Mitchell

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